Portude.com is a next-generation Internet search aggregator developed to offer users an enhanced interactive search experience, along with the ability to maintain control of their privacy.

Its permission based lead–generation tools create an immediate interactive connection between customers searching for products, services and promotions; and businesses seeking better ways to promote themselves online.

For small to mid-size business advertisers in particular, Portude.com provides an opportunity for highly qualified one-click leads and immediate interaction with customers, minimizing response times and advertising costs. Portude lets the customer take the lead and businesses benefit.

Portude expands the online shopping experience into live community relationships by leveraging cutting edge technology and enhanced search to reach beyond the boundaries of regular online experiences. Businesses find new customers where they are searching and can update ads, promotions and their online presence – responding quickly to customer demand.


For the most part, other Internet search engines are dominated by large businesses that can afford expensive SEO and pay per click campaigns. This leaves small to mid-size companies with very little opportunity to effectively compete. Portude.com on the other hand is SMB friendly. Its features help level the playing field.

Portude.com's enhanced search features provide comprehensive global search results without storing sensitive, personally identifiable data. This puts the consumer in the driver’s seat; search results direct the user to the most appropriate provider. In other words, instead of search matches based on the consumers' Internet use, Portude lets the user tell advertisers what they want to buy. This capability provides greater value for advertisers. It keeps the search very targeted and therefore, the users are of prime value to an advertiser.

With custom directories of small and medium sized businesses around the world, Portude delivers results that may not be available on other search engines.